This website serves as an online Curriculum Vitae for Andrew Parkin. The purpose is to complement and provide further detail to hard copy versions. Also provided are examples of work completed in the employ of current and previous organisations.

After receiving the highest achievable University entrance grade, I decided to study Business Management at Waikato University with a specific focus on Communications and Marketing. Four years of study led me through a range of topics from basics like: business communication, organisational culture, accounting, economics, statistics, and information technology; to more focused and in-depth analysis like: consumer behaviour, advanced marketing strategy, public relation strategies, and professional selling.

After leaving University with a Bachelor of Management Studies with double major in Public Relations and Marketing, I managed a retail store for a year before travelling overseas. Settling in London, United Kingdom I gained employment as a Media Sales Executive for the global media company Haymarket Media. From there I moved continents to North America, where I assisted in the marketing department at Kent State University's Student Recreation and Wellness Centre. After a brief stop back in New Zealand I relocated back to North America, this time to the west coast of Canada. In Vancouver I headed a brand new inside sales structure as National Sales Coordinator. From there I moved back to New Zealand and worked as Marketing Coordinator for Croxley Stationery (owned by Office Max). This position initiated as a contract role, with an offer for full-time permanent employment. This offer was declined, due to intent to move to Melbourne, Australia where I worked as Marketing and Communications Coordinator for Castle Corporate/Legal, and am now Communications Coordinator at Australian Air Express.

Currently Andrew Parkin runs a Vehicle Inspection facility in Melbourne Australia. The facility provides inspections including pre-purchase inspections, roadworthy inspections, safety inspections and child restraint and baby seat fitting.

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